Photography: Lighting

Lighting is very important in photography. The right kind of lighting can determine what time of day it is, and it can also set the mood of the whole picture.

For example, Dim lighting can create an atmosphere that is perfect for capturing a romantic evening, pair it with some soft candle lights and you have the perfect mood for a romantic dinner for two.
external image %20Candle%20lit%20dinner%20on%20Deck2.jpg
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Dim lighting can also be used create a spooky and mysterious atmosphere. For example, a dark and empty bar, creates the perfect mood for a murder sceen or a perfect hiding spot for some monsters to show up.
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Some photographs are taken during night time, however they need to be portrayed as if they were taken during the day time. Another dilema some photographers face is having to take pictures if bright rooms, but having to do it on rainy days where no sun is able to shine through the windows.

A way to solve those problems is by making your own light and positioning it perfectly to make it look natural and believable. Some photographers use tricks like adding coloured translucent paper infront of a light source to creafe different effects. Others use tools that reflect light at a certian anglefocus light more on one area than the other.

There are many cheap and effective tips a photographer on a budget can use to create professional pictures. A great tip for making light reflect off of jewls is to crumple tin foil and place it near your light source, then take a picture with flash, the light from the flash will reflect from the tin foil in different spots and appear on the jewls.

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Three main types of lighting that you could use for photography and videography are Spot Back and Key lighting.

Samples of Spot Lighting
Spot lighting can be used to highlight what you want the audience to see. Who or what you want your main focus to be.

Samples of Back Lighting
Back lighting can be used in photographs and videos to blurr out the background or mute the background to make the main focus clearer. Back lighting can also be used to outline the silhouette and make an image more unique.

Samples of Key Lighting
Key lighting is used to highlight certian features of a person or an object. By doing so, you can show or hide certian details in your picture and leave the rest up to the viewers imagination.