Website Design & Dreamweaver

Research :

1. List and provide links to 5 FAVORITE/Great websites:
- effective design
- easy to find information by using the bars
- nice colour combinations
- informations are well organized
-all the fonts are easy to read
- can easily find the title/heading of an article
-effective picutre related to the topic are shown
- no/ few comerical links

2. List and provide links to 5 least favorite/terrible websites:
- too much colour
- can't find proper heading
- the fonts are hard to read
- too many inforamtion on one page
- some uneffective images that are not related to the page
- lots of poping out and comerical links are shown
- hard to find information

A introductory video to get started with Dreamweaver.

--It has all the techniques to creat a simple website using dreamweaver.
--A through demostration of how to create each of the website components.
--The toturial video can be applied very easily
Website architecture design- refers to the planning of a designed web page that focuses on the user of the site and the needs of the users.
Page reference on wiki :
Images :
external image web_hub1.jpg
website navigation design – is one of the most important part of web design, it is the button bar of a website.
-There are five main rules of an effective navigation design 1. it should be easy 2. keep it consistent 3.Use obvious section names 4. Less is more 5.Remind the user about it’s location
Page reference:
Image :
external image website-navigation-menu.jpg
Information Hierarchy- also known variously as the "Wisdom Hierarchy", the "Knowledge Hierarchy", the "DIKW Hierarchy", and the "Knowledge Pyramid" refers loosely to a class of modelsfor representing purported structural and/or functional relationships between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. "Typically information is defined in terms of data, knowledge in terms of information, and wisdom in terms of knowledge"
external image InformationHierarchy.jpg

water ripple effect in dreamweaver for Christine:
i googled "how to animate a picture of water in flash"